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Last week I was back in one of my favourite places, Dubai. For this visit I’d been invited, as a speaker, to the Planners Xtraordinaire Show. This new show is a closed door congress, bringing together the leading luxury wedding and event planners from across the globe. The show was a chance to spend some time with colleagues from all over the world, in this wonderful eclectic industry, and also share some of my knowledge of managing high-profile events.

The show was held at the stunning Palazzo Versace hotel where I also stayed during my visit, and I may have had a little time to check out the pool area and spa! It’s a beautiful hotel and I was looked after in true Versace style.

We enjoyed a number of fabulous events including a cocktail party at the Address Downtown, overlooking the Burj Khalifa and a magnificent gala dinner and party at the Cavalli Club.

It was a great opportunity to share knowledge with a wonderful mix of fabulous planners from across the globe, and to look ahead at new innovations and ideas in the world of luxury celebrations. Events like this are truly inspiring, offering a brilliant platform for world-class planners to share their fantastic experiences and a reminder of why this industry is such a fabulous one to work in. Here are a few photos of me on stage, and some highlights of a fantastic few days.



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