We know luxury and we know hospitality.

We know what an exceptional experience looks and feels like, and we know what guests expect. We want to help venues offer only the best experience and standards to their guests.

We do this by providing specific targeted reviews based on the customer experience. This includes the experience for families, couples, business travellers, professional sports, and of course weddings and events. We also provide a service for new hotels and hotel renovations.

Think of us like the hotel auditor.

Why choose us to help?

  • A thorough understanding of the needs of luxury clientele following more than a decade of working in high end weddings and events.
  • A meticulous eye for detail, and adding value, through previous high-level audit experience, as well as understanding the specific and exacting requirements of luxury clientele within the wedding and event industry.
  • Extensive travel experience, specifically within the luxury hospitality sector within the UK and overseas.
  • Over ten years working in investment banking, largely staying in hotels whilst travelling internationally, and an awareness of the high expectations and needs of business travellers.
  • An understanding of the needs and expectations of luxury travel for both families and couples.
  • Close links with the elite sports industry, and an understanding of these client needs and expectations specifically for group sports bookings but also for personal bookings and trips within this sector.

What do we provide?

Our service will be specific to your requirements and where we can add value. But in short we will provide a thorough, targeted review, including the guest experience from the time of booking / enquiry, covering various touch points throughout the the customer stay, and customer service following a stay.

We will provide thorough but focused and usable results that will help add value and improve the customer experience, and of course assist with this where needed.

If you’re a hotel or venue and would like more details, please get in touch.

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