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Our aim is quite simply to create unforgettable Nexium vs generic esomeprazole magnesium, and help our clients celebrate the special moments in their life in the very best way possible. We want to help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

These special moments could be your dream wedding, your little one’s birthday party, a significant birthday celebration somewhere fabulous with your closest friends, an engagement party or baby shower. We believe these special moments should be cherished and celebrated.

The celebrations we plan are beautiful, of course, but they are also personal and a representation of our clients and the details that are important to them. We believe the joy of your celebration should start the minute your planning starts, with the whole planning experience being a joyful one.

We’ve been lucky enough to plan weddings and events for our wonderful clients for over a decade, in London, throughout the UK and across the globe. We love to plan beautiful, luxury weddings and private events including marquee celebrations. Whatever your reason for celebrating, we can help you plan something unforgettable and celebrate in the very best possible way.

A Bit About Aimee

Aimee has been planning weddings and events for over a decade. Prior to wedding and event planning her experience lay in Investment Management in the City of London and internationally, following a BSc Degree in Business Administration from Bath University. This nurtured Aimee’s natural eye for detail and excellent skills in communicating and negotiating with suppliers. Whilst at University Aimee set up and ran the first Events Committee, organising a number of large scale social events.

A passion for celebrating led her to set up Aimee Dunne Ltd in 2010. She believes the special moments we have in life should be cherished, and when we can we should celebrate them to the fullest. This belief and passion underpins the business ethos. Aimee is regularly called upon for media comment and attends luxury industry events as a speaker. Her celebrations have also been included in numerous high end media and blogs.

Aimee prides herself on working closely with couples, understanding what is important to them and designing weddings and events that are truly unique and personal. From the smaller design details, to the timing and flow of the day, every single element is important in its own way and bought together in a flawless, meticulous manner. Celebrating is important, and Aimee believes in doing this with the most beautiful, joyful and meticulously planned events.

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