What Makes The Perfect Party?

25 / 01 / 2017

Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday celebration, we all love a good party. Ultimately, the most important goal for anyone organising a party or planning an event, no matter how elaborate or informal, is that their guests have a great time.

There’s nothing more satisfying than throwing a fabulous party that people will remember for all the right reasons. If your guests have had a great time, then your party’s a success.

So what makes the perfect party?


Top of the list has to be the venue. One popular choice for a special event is a historical venue. It could be a castle, a stately home or a historic landmark; guests just seem to love places with a past that have a story to tell. Historical venues also re-create the atmosphere of grand parties held for lords and ladies throughout history. Add to that elaborate and stunning surroundings, and you’ve got the ideal setting for a perfect party.

Venues with a water view, be it a lake, river or the sea, are another favourite. And in the summertime, a glistening, blue swimming pool makes the perfect setting for an outdoor party.

Events Planning LondonDecor

The right decor can totally transform even the simplest room into a stunning party venue. This is often seen as an overall theme but touches can be added in many ways, from small details to larger design elements and can include flowers, lighting (fairy lights, wall washes, candles to larger lighting installations to totally transform a space), chairs (which can really change the look of a room), and of course table settings.

Food and Drink

The perfect party will have a fabulous variety of food and drinks on offer. Whether it’s a three-course meal, canapés and cocktails or more simple bowl food, beautifully prepared dishes using seasonal ingredients are always key to a good celebration.

Events Planning LondonEntertainment

You can’t beat live music at an event. A swing or jazz band is a great choice for a wedding where there’s often guests of all ages; they will always help to get everyone dancing.

It’s always nice to add an extra special touch that guests aren’t expecting. At parties this might include a video or photo booth, outdoor games and entertainment for younger guests and old especially at summer events, magicians, fireworks, and so many things in between like flame throwers and acrobatics. There are so many types of entertainment available and it can add such fun to a party, making it something really special and memorable.

Whatever your event, the focus should be on everyone having an unforgettable time. A specialised event planner will ensure your party has all the right ingredients for success. For more information on planning the perfect party or event, contact Aimee Dunne events planning London, or visit us online for details on our range of wedding and event planner services.