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5 Secrets For Picking A Venue From An Event Planner – London 

If you’re planning an event, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional event planner. They have the experience and also the contacts to make sure your event runs smoothly. They know lots of secrets that can make your event a huge success.

Here are just some of the secrets that event planners know about picking the right venue for your event.

Location Is Everything

Where you hold your event is key to your guests. They need somewhere that’s easy to get to, and easy to find. If it’s a multiple day event, they also need somewhere to stay. An event planner – London knows how to find venues that are close to local transport links, as well as places to eat, socialise, and stay. This is why hotels are so popular for multiple day events.

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Food is also an important consideration for guests at your event. If you intend on catering yourself, you’ll need a good catering service nearby, or on site at your venue.

Don’t forget the more practical considerations. What facilities are there nearby your event space? Remember to keep an eye out for facilities for the disabled. Ramps, toilets, and any other necessities that help people attend your event should be a key factor.


Of course your event needs to be accessible for people with disabilities, but it needs to be accessible for everyone else as well. No one likes attending events that are on the top floor of a building with no lift, or held in a dark, windowless basement.

Your location within the event space really is key. Pick the right space, and your guests will be able to bring the energy and enthusiasm that you need.

Keep The Season In Mind

If your event takes place in mid winter, then you want somewhere warm and inviting, and of course somewhere to check in bulky coats. If it’s in the height of summer, you likely to want somewhere light and airy, with good air conditioning. No one is at their best when they’re too hot or cold. London event planners know this, and will keep it in mind when booking a venue.

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Equipment Needs

Some venues can provide all kinds of equipment to help ensure your event runs smoothly. Some may charge you a fee to use things like projectors and sound systems. Others still may not have them at all, and you’ll have to rent them from elsewhere. Event planning – London is all about being ready for any of these events.

Now you know what to look for when booking a venue. The right venue will work with you to accommodate your needs. If you need help, get in touch with us at Aimee Dunne. We have years of experience in planning and running events and can help you find the perfect venue. Contact our team of event planners in London to get started.

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