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Getting married is one of the most memorable occasions a couple shares. Of course, everyone wants their day to be special. Every detail has to be perfect, from the design of the bride’s dress to the flowers and the reception.

Planning a wedding is both exciting and overwhelming, especially if you are planning to tie the knot abroad. Many couples decide to get married in Italy for its timeless architecture, romantic atmosphere and scrumptious cuisine. Getting married in another country adds additional challenges; here are some tips if you are planning your special day in Italy:

Hire a wedding planner                                                                   

It can become daunting when handling the preparations alone ‒ so many couples hire a wedding planner. Whether you are planning a romantic wedding in Tuscany or a luxurious wedding in Amalfi Coast, wedding planners will do the job for you.

They coordinate every detail about your wedding, with extensive knowledge about the region. They are responsible for taking care of the wedding location’s design, from booking the wedding ceremony to finding a caterer. A good wedding planner develops a great relationship with the locals, which can help reduce costs.


Accomplish legal paperwork

Accomplishing legal paperwork is a difficult requirement to navigate when getting married abroad. Italian marriages of couples from Ireland and the UK are legally binding under their respective laws. However, the Italian authorities require them to obtain a Nulla Osta before the marriage can take place.

Citizens from the UK need to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment. You can acquire this document by giving notice to your local registry office not more than six months before the date of your wedding. The local registry will release the Certificate of No Impediment after 28 days.

Citizens from Ireland have to complete a statutory declaration called Certificate De Coutume, also called the Certificate of Freedom to Marry. This must be completed four months before the wedding day.


Understand the local customs

Although couples will want to bring their own traditions, learning about the traditional weddings in Italy may help provide some guidance. Weddings in Italy are normally traditional, often Catholic, without some of the extras common in other countries. For example, Italian couples usually have one maid of honour and a best man. Weddings start in the morning, and the reception normally begins at 11 am ‒ a long lunch that lasts up to five or six hours. Music isn’t usually played unless the newlyweds party with their friends later in the evening. The day of the ceremony is important, with Sunday considered the luckiest day and Friday the worst. The bride wears a garter and the groom is expected to provide the brides bouquet of flowers.


Plan your wedding with Aimee Dunne

Aimee Dunne is an international wedding and events planner. She has years of experience in the industry, and she has been featured in numerous event and wedding publications, media and blogs. Aimee takes pride in working closely with couples to make their wedding personal and unique.

Get in touch with her here or call her on 208 290 4523.

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