Hiring a Wedding Planner in Italy for Your Fairytale Wedding

29 / 06 / 2018

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Hiring a Wedding Planner in Italy for Your Fairytale Wedding

Few other wedding locations are as romantic as Italy. Beautiful ancient buildings, breathtaking views and delicious food are ingredients for the fairytale wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

The course of love — and your wedding planning — doesn’t always run smooth, however. It can be stressful planning the perfect wedding day, what more when you want to tie the knot in an overseas location like Italy. If you don’t have intimate knowledge of the location, and local customs and laws covering Italian celebrations, it can make planning pretty difficult and unnecessarily stressful.

As one of the London’s most celebrated luxury wedding planners, Aimee Dunne Ltd has encountered and weathered many issues when planning nuptials in foreign locations. Here are some ways a having an experienced wedding planner will ensure you get the perfect wedding day.

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Finding the Perfect Location

There’s no shortage of gorgeous wedding venues in Italy. Whether you want a lovely ceremony by the Amalfi coast, in a Tuscan castle or a vineyard estate in Lombardy, Italy has the venue for you.

The challenge, however, is logistics. During peak seasons, famous locations can get crowded and this can make the job of suppliers more difficult. Your guests could also find it difficult to travel from the ceremony to the reception venue depending on the location you choose.

An experienced wedding planner will deal with all of these considerations. We help source some of the best locations and the most beautiful top wedding venues. Our team also sets arrangements that would make the suppliers more efficient and the guests more comfortable.

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Saving the Date

Nobody wants a downpour on their wedding day, that’s why many couples opt for a summer wedding. The warm months in Italy, however, can be varying degrees of hot depending on the region, especially if you’re used to a temperate climate.

Having an experienced wedding planner means we are on hand to make arrangements to help deal with changes in the weather and advise on the best date to hold your big day.

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Collaborating with the Locals

Italian weddings come with their own traditions, and these are the standard for many Italian suppliers and venue coordinators. So, though you don’t have to conform to certain customs of the particular region, this is also something wedding planners are well versed in helping with.

A wedding planner can also help ease any concerns on your behalf. We have a network of reliable suppliers meaning we are perfectly placed to help coordinate things seamlessly. We work with local suppliers to ensure that their services match your requirements and we oversee every last detail before and on the day.

We have a network that’s fluent in both English and Italian, so we can discuss details thoroughly.

Taking Care of the Paperwork

A wedding planner oversees the paperwork involved in an overseas wedding. We help you prepare the required documents, which include your birth certificates, a Nulla Osta or proof that previous marriages have ended (divorce decrees or death certificates) and more. We also help you check the local regulations, like the need for an interpreter or special permits for certain locations.

Aimee Dunne Ltd sorts out all the things you need for a dream Italian wedding. We plan nuptials that are as gorgeous and memorable as Italy itself. Contact our team today, and let’s discuss your big day.