23 / 10 / 2018

For some couples, hiring a wedding planner is a no brainer. This might be down to having a very large wedding, getting married overseas or just because they have no idea where to start. But for some couples it’s not always a straightforward decision. In fact I often get contacted by couples who started planning themselves and then realise it’s all too much. So do you really need a planner? Here are the 5 main reasons why you should hire a professional to plan your wedding.


1. Little Black Book

Wedding planners have contacts in all areas of planning. Venues, flowers, transport, entertainment and all manner of random wedding related requests; we know who to contact. We also know the best of the best and who will be the best match for your wedding vision. Every wedding is different and we use our extensive contacts to make sure we find the perfect team to create your dream big day.

Reason 12. Ready for any problems

As a planner we are absolutely used to facing challenges. I joke that I could write a book about the random things I’ve come up against at weddings but it’s absolutely true. Even the most well planned wedding can face any number of unforeseen challenges. If you have a good, experienced planner taking care of your day, they will know what to do and keep calm under the pressure. This is especially true with marquee and destination weddings where, generally speaking, more logistics are involved and more can go wrong. Having a planner on board means you can rest assured everything will run seamlessly and you won’t be contacted to help sort any random problem.

3. Unique and challenging weddings

Many of the weddings I plan are unique in some way. Whether they’re overseas and involve organising 100 guests to fly to a remote hillside location, a long weekend of extravagant plans in a secret location, or building a marquee in the most difficult to get to walled garden in the English countryside. Planners are often brought on board because something is unique and challenging and not always just on the day of the wedding but often a whole weekend or week of events. Planning a small wedding for one day is one thing but for larger and unique weddings it always pays to have a planner, and an experienced one.

4. Take the stress and overwhelm away

You can find most things online these days, which in theory is great but actually I just find it means total overwhelm and more often I hear couples saying they’ve seen so much on blogs and Pinterest but just don’t know where to start. Using their experience and knowledge, a professional planner can help pin point the perfect suppliers and vision for your dream day. We help to focus ideas and plans so planning stays focused, on budget and the overall vision is created.

5. An impartial ear

Weddings are emotional. No-one knows that more than a wedding planner! When I start planning a wedding with a couple, I need to find out who is involved and what family members, if any, will be (or should be), involved in the planning. My job isn’t just to create pretty mood boards and keep track of budgets, I also need to listen to my couples, family members and guests. There tends to be lots of opinions with weddings which can become stressful for couples, whatever size of wedding it is, and as a planner I’m often able to act as an impartial ear and bring some objective reasoning to the table. That, or couples can just blame me for choices their parents don’t like!

If you’re looking for help planning your wedding, in London or for a Destination Wedding, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’re looking for guidance but not quite ready to hire a planner yet, why not try the planner here over on the wonderful Guides for Brides, where you can also find lots more inspiration for planning your special day.